Lab News

11/22/2022 Congratulations to Jian Yin on her new first-author paper:!

11/4/2021 Congratulations to Yilun Zhang for passing her MSPH thesis defense!

2/8/2021 Yuan Wang receives a SIAM Early Career Travel Award for presenting at SIAM CSE21.

10/29/2020 End-of-October news flash: The Minisymposium on Interaction of Topology and Geometry in Biomedical Image Analysis organized by Yuan Wang will be held at SIAM CSE21!

8/21/2020 Congratulations to Xingpei Zhao for receiving a MICCAI2020 Student Participation Award!

8/19/2020 Congratulations to Xingpei Zhao for graduating her MSPH in Biostatistics with distinction!

8/8/2020 Yuan Wang receives a UofSC BDHSC Pilot Project Award:

The project titled Topological Network Analysis and Graph-Based Deep Learning of Multimodal MRI: An ENIGMA-Epilepsy Study is aimed at investigating structural brain abnormalities associated with epilepsy syndromes and treatment outcomes through topological learning of multimodal MRI from ENIGMA-Epilepsy - the first international initiative to tackle epilepsy with a Big Neuroimaging Data approach.

7/7/2020 Congratulations to Xingpei Zhao for successfully defending her MSPH in Biostatistics thesis titled Network-Based Statistical Analysis of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data from Post-Stroke Aphasia Patients!

4/29/2019 Yuan Wang receives a UofSC Aspire I Award:

The project titled Joint Brain Network Modeling of Multimodal MRI across Aphasia Types is aimed at investigating structural-functional differences between common types of stroke-induced aphasia.

8/16/2018 Yuan Wang joins the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of South Carolina.